Lexus International Accelerates Its Electrified Future With LF-Z Electrified Concept Debut

  • World Premiere of ‘LF-Z Electrified’, Symbolizing the Next Generation of Lexus
  • Lexus International to accelerate the development of vehicles that meet the diverse needs and lifestyles of customers around the world
  • The world premiere of the ‘LF-Z Electrified’, a BEV concept car that suggests new values to be realized through electrification
  • By 2025 Lexus International will globally introduce 20 new models including BEVs, PHEVs, HEVs, and other electric vehicles, and develop a diverse product lineup
  • Establishing a new business and technical center at Shimoyama, Japan that integrates development, design, production technology, and planning departments, to further encourage innovative vehicle development
Koji Sato, President and Chief Branding Officer, Lexus International

Lexus International today announced, the initiatives for the transformation of the Lexus brand through its ‘Lexus Concept Reveal Show’.

With an unyielding spirit of innovation, Lexus has continued to evolve as a luxury lifestyle brand, delivering amazing product and brand experiences with new technologies and value since 1989. Now, Lexus continues to innovate for the benefit of society at large, as well as for their guests. Through the global ‘Lexus Electrified’ vision, Lexus aims to realize a fundamental leap in vehicle performance by employing electrification technology, and to continue to provide its guests with the enjoyment and pleasure that cars have to offer.

Today, Lexus International held the world premiere of ‘LF-Z Electrified’, a conceptual BEV that incorporates driving performance, styling, and technologies envisioned for realization by 2025. It features ideal dynamic balance achieved through the optimal placement of the battery and electric motors, as well as, among others, a new four-wheel driving force control technology known as ‘DIRECT4’ that generates a superior and highly flexible driving performance, setting the LF-Z Electrified apart from conventional vehicles.

To provide a uniquely BEV driving experience, the interior is equipped with a ‘Tazuna’ cockpit and features an open and minimalist design. The interior embodies an elevated level of Lexus’s human centered approach, an ethos that has been a foundation of the Lexus-brand since 1989. Also, through dialogue with the driver and based on having learned the driver’s preferences and behavioral traits, AI, acting as a lifestyle concierge, proposes routes and restaurant reservations, among others. By enhancing safety and security along the way, AI enriches the mobility experience.

By 2025, Lexus International plans to globally introduce 20 new or improved models, including more than 10 electrified models such as BEVs, plug-in hybrid electric vehicles(PHEVs), HEVs, in line with the needs of each country and region around the world and based on the concept of offering the right products in the right place at the right time.

Globally, Lexus aims to offer electric variants of all its models by 2025, with the sales ratio of electric vehicles exceeding that of gasoline-engine vehicles. By 2050, Lexus International aims to achieve carbon neutrality throughout the lifecycle of its entire model lineup – from the manufacturing of materials, parts and vehicles, to vehicle logistics, to the final disposal and recycling of older vehicles. In this perspective, and with a clear mission to achieve carbon neutrality, Lexus will reduce the environmental impact of materials’ manufacturing processes.

In March 2024, to accelerate the planning and development of diverse and attractive products that are close to its customers, Lexus International is scheduled to open a new business and technical center at Shimoyama, Japan where members involved in Lexus-brand development, design, production technology, and planning are to unite in creating the next-generation of cars and where the environment will be one for open collaboration that encourages co-creation with external partners.

Commenting on the announcement, Koji Sato, President and Chief Branding Officer, Lexus International said, “I would like to express my heartfelt respect for all the people around the world who are working so hard in the face of various difficulties. While fulfilling our social mission of realizing a carbon-neutral society, we will continue to provide the fun and joy that cars bring, and we will contribute to the happiness and smiles of our customers and everyone involved with Lexus.

Starting with two new models to be released this year, we will continue to develop innovative products that will add color to the diversifying lifestyles of our customers. We hope you will look forward to the future of Lexus with its strong will to create the future toward the realization of a hopeful mobility society.”

Venugopal, President, Lexus India added, “The global vision of “Lexus Electrified” is ever evolving and the LF-Z is a monumental leap in this journey. We are excited to be part of this evolution as a luxury lifestyle brand aimed at delivering amazing experiences to our guests in India.”

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