With the Indian economy reaching greater heights, coupled with international business aligned to your industry, it would be interesting to see that logistics play a vital part in optimizing the scarce resources, as the days of comfortable margin in any industry is a thing of past.

You are aware that Indian logistic companies are pressed to upgrade their infrastructure and increase the business by every mean – through advertisements, personal rapport & get-together – wherever possible, in order to keep pace with the rapid changes using the latest technologies and innovations amidst competitions.

To address challenges like inadequate infrastructures, lack of information about the developments, cumbersome procedures, no proper communications among shippers, carriers, air-port, customs, and the other regulatory agencies and to seek redressal is : ‘Our voice of concern’ and hence (Y)our Magazine!

This, of course made us to start a Magazine for the Logistic fraternity (initially e-Magazine), with your support & our experience in the past 30 years with the Media – both in the Logistic field as well as association with the others TOP notches!

The unique & salient features:

  • It is a 24 X 7 e-news – totally dedicated to Logistic activities & reaches your desk in no time by a click of your mouse!
  • It is totally ‘free’ and gives you an opportunity to update your services too (for the benefit your clients) – almost on a daily basis.
  • Authentic information and very vital statistics flashed – from the experienced writers & who-is-who of the institutions/industry concerned.
  • Circulated (by email marketing) to widest data base customers of logistic interests – who are of course your prospects.
    Make you feel as your business diary but kept on personal basis with lot of info – including details on seminar/fairs & exhibitions which is your Business point!
  • Features like recruitment, training, cost-effective measures are added attraction for you to benefit in the long run.
  • Plat-form for you to put forth your ideas / company information etc. though ‘your website’ – linked in our portal – which we would be providing for you!
  • Up-dated weekly for the news item and daily for the displayed sponsors / advertisers!
  • Opportunity to open-up your business connections to overseas within a few weeks!
  • Cover Air, Marine, Rail, Surface Transport, Supply Chain, Material Handling, Logistic solutions, Technology etc. to the largest extent possible!
  • Assist your company to seek best competent candidates for to meet your business needs. On the whole, it is your BASE – to show, share, offer your services and get ‘linked’!
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