EXIM Automation Platform Shipsy Ventures in SEA Market

EXIM Automation Platform Shipsy Ventures in SEA Market, Signs up Key Partners

Shipsy, an India based SaaS venture is planning to strengthen its global business strategy by expanding their services to South East Asian countries. Backed with funding from Sequoia Surge & InfoEdge, Shipsy is sailing high to enter the trade dominated market of SEA.

The venture showed remarkable resilience during the lockdown, which severely impacted the economic landscape. They grew revenues aggressively by over 50% during the period, partnering up key clients globally, as momentum shifted towards automation and working distantly.

Anchoring on a stronghold in India, where they process over 10% of India’s containerised trade and working with 5 of top 10 exporters. Within 3 months in SEA, they mentioned to have partnered with the largest global Tyre manufacturer, Cement exporter, Petrochemicals manufacturer along with some global chemical exporters in their digital transformation journey in logistics.

Soham Chokshi, CEO – Shipsy

Soham Chokshi, CEO commented: “SEA expansion is strategic both in terms of demand & market readiness, as pandemic encouraged decision makers globally to be forthcoming in adopting digital initiatives, automate and work efficiently. SEA is critical market with a chunk of international trade routed via the region, we are confident of partnering and delivering benefits to the organisation through our state of the art digital logistics suite.”

Shipsy’s Platform offers a complete EXIM Automation suite. Starting with Freight Procurement where Shippers work digitally with Shipping Lines and agents to negotiate and contract rates. Next is the Shipment Management module where integrations with global liners and aggregators help automate ETAs of shipments. It also has a collaborative module which helps with complete workflow automation to have overview of shipment stages, document exchanges and communications across agents.

Shippers benefit upto ~5% reduction in freight costs owing to system driven freight negotiation with multiple rounds and intelligent reference rates. Shippers also see reductions in plan to ship days and faster BL release along with avoiding incidental charges by having improved visibility on processes. The fully integratable platform has demonstrated tangible man hours savings and customer delight with top shippers globally, and has been the front runner in International Logistics Automation.

Amidst pandemic global trade has seen a surge in demand & challenges around high freight rate, congestion & container unavailability were only expected. Shipsy’s advanced technology is tailor made to overcome these challenges & empower shippers to work digitally and more efficiently.

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