wallstreet analystWallStAnalyst.com provides a comprehensive coverage of the Indian automobile industry, where an automobile giant is gearing up to launch new products, streamline its sales and service network, and refurbish its dealer network in a bid to enhance its profitability and market share. Our Market Mantra coverage brings in-depth analysis on industry, corporate events and news that are shaping the Indian economy and markets. In today’s event reporting, we focus on how innovations and a change in customer perception can help an automobile major overhaul its fortunes. Discover our Market Mantra by visiting the link below

On the road to transformation  The Indian passenger vehicle (PV) segment is crowded with many players and offerings to cater to varied consumer preferences in both diesel and petrol cars. An automobile major with predominantly diesel offerings in the PV segment is faced with declining sales, low brand recall, shrinking profitability, and intense competition from new market entrants in this segment. Backed with an aggressive revamp plan, it is looking to foray into the market with petrol offerings in the near future. This could herald a fresh beginning for the company and dispel notions that its products are not customer-friendly. It could also make the organization more profitable and competition in the Indian market.

Closer to the customer   The luxury car business acquired from a global automobile company some years ago is the major revenue contributor to the Indian automaker’s business. The luxury car brand that it acquired also has a significant market share in the Chinese, the UK, and the US markets. To leverage the low cost of production in China, the Indian automaker is looking to enter into a joint venture in the near future. In addition, while reducing development costs, it is looking at launching cars to cater to the mass premium market and the addressable luxury market in Europe and North America. Through extensive R&D efforts, the firm is also launching fuel-efficient engines and improving quality in its efforts to enhance customer experience and compete with other market players. Sign up today and get a glimpse of how our experts are dissecting key corporate developments in the start-up arena to provide you comprehensive insights:

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