Vahak propels growth of Punjab’s logistics sector

  • Punjab logistics players are moving to Vahak app, boosting their profit margins with better fleet utilisation for FMCG, steel, chemical, packaging and allied industries.
  • Vahak app sees over 160% increase in Punjab-based Company sign-ups over the year.

Vahak, India’s most-trusted transport community, has been rapidly increasing its platform user base in Punjab since the pandemic began in 2020. Bengaluru-based Vahak is India’s largest open and free transport platform enabled by AI. This digital community enables direct connections between all logistics players, fostering India’s largest ecosystem of transport SMEs and lorry owners.

Karan Shaha, CEO & Co-Founder – Vahak

Speaking about this growth since the pandemic, Karan Shaha, CEO and Co-founder at Vahak,said, “Using the Vahak app, Punjab truckers were able to function even during the pandemic, making critical supplies available. Now, they are witnessing up to 25-26 days of inter and intrastate runs as compared to 15-17 days earlier. This has resulted in consistent growth in our user base over the last year with load postings showing 100 per cent increase and lorry posting going up by over 40 per cent.We are seeing highest demand coming in for containers, trucks and LCVs.”

Detailing on the measures taken to boost the logistics sector, Karan highlights, “We aim to bring operational efficiencies in Indian logistics, cutting down the overall logistics cost. In Punjab, we are seeing that the government’s positive efforts to improve logistics infrastructure has helped the state improve its ranking in terms of efficient logistics ecosystem. Contributing to this progress, we continue to bring enabling features for all logistics players. These include safe and secure escrow payments, free medical consultations, and new value-added services going live soon, to their fingertips. All these efforts have resulted in good app adoption from Punjab as Company sign-ups have shown 160% increase in the last one year.”

Enabling truck and load booking at 0 per cent commission, Vahak is India’s first B2B

transport community platform that helps match loads with the right sectoral requirements for trucks, containers, light commercial and other specialised vehicles instantly. Safe and secure escrow payments and GST, Aadhaar verified users on the platform are attracting Punjab logistics players to adopt the Vahak app, especially for load transportation of FMCG, steel, chemical, packaging and allied industries.


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