`Tremendous scope for cold storage industry`

Gubba Nagender RaoIn conversation with Mr. Nagender Rao Gubba, where he spoke about impact of new government on cold storage and cold chain sector, value MNCs would add to the industry and current industry scenario.

Please throw light on the current scenario of Indian cold storages and cold chain industry? What are your predictions for the next five years?

Present scenario of Indian cold storages is tremendously growing and lack in cold chain industry. There is tremendous scope in the cold storage industry in the coming years. Especially changing habits of Indian consumer more and more food products being imported requires cold chain preservation. Thanks to the changing lives especially in urban India instant foods, ready to eat foods, fruits are getting in to the palate of the Indian consumer.

Do you think change in government will have an impact on development of the sector? What changes in policies and regulations do you recommend keeping in view your past experiences?

The new government is yet to prepare its outlay for the cold storage industry, but however as a common Indian one can expect a magic wand from the Indian government. As the new government is emphasizing on up scaling economy, this would also impact the cold chain industry. We expect the new government to provide us new liberal policies such as subsidies, and releasing of earlier subsidies and also at the same time subsidies to the cooperative sectors, organizations etc., for setting up of the cold storage and cold chain industry and also at the same time need power incentives and tax incentives like VAT and excise duty waiver for procuring for the construction of the cold storage industry.

Apart from policies the only way is to develop our food processing industry, strengthen post-harvest infrastructure, and fill the gaps in the supply chain, thus we can reduce wastage, improve food supply, step up our exports and enhance the employment opportunity.

How important will be entry of MNCs in cold storage and cold chain business for a long term growth plan? You have spoken earlier about the importance of having multi-product cold storages over single product cold storages. Did you notice any change in trends or developments in that context?

Entry of MNCs definitely there will be magnificent growth in the industry and if you compare to the past so many years’ cold storages give up with multi products with multi chambers to support the farmer to preserve their products in different controlled atmospheres. MNCs having its presence in various countries and its varied R & D would definitely benefit Indian Cold Storage Industry and with dip pockets and long term approach there would definitely be a positive way in the industry.

‘Gubba’ is a brand name in itself today. Tell us about your vision for the company and the state-of-art technology you have in your facility.

Gubba’s expertise lies in Cold storages developed over last 27 years. Taking this expertise forward its Gubba’s vision to set up and operate seed cold storages around the world and frozen food cold storages around India.

How important do you think are forums like India Cold Chain Show in gathering industry stakeholders to get a better perspective on sector’s growth?

Definitely with India Cold Chain Show event, entrepreneurs will get opportunity to know more about the industry from India and overseas and having the opportunity to look at the equipment required for the industry under one roof. Such forum is badly needed to this growing industry.

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