Tata Motors unveils futuristic all-electric EVision Concept midsize sedan

Tata Motors unveils futuristic all-electric EVision Concept midsize sedan at 2018 Geneva International Motor Show

Automotive giant Tata Motors has unveiled a brand new electric concept car ahead of the opening of the 2018 Geneva International Motor Show. Called the EVision Concept, the vehicle is an all-electric sedan and is based on Tata’s Omega Arch platform, one of the two new platforms by the automaker.

The EVision sedan concept stays true to Tata’s new Impact Design 2.0 philosophy and features straight lines combined with bold and muscular tones, keeping the design sleek and futuristic as seen on the earlier H5X Concept SUV which was unveiled at the Auto Expo 2018 held in India just last month. Both vehicles also share the same platform.

What is new here is a pillarless construction meaning that access to the seats sees no pillar between the two doors which is quite an achievement considering that this is a midsize sedan. The chiselled headlamps and tail lights look modern and futuristic with the front grille giving away the now familiar broad smile that sweeps into the the LED headlamps.

eVision TATA

Inside, the cabin has an spacious look and feel, with digital only instrumentation running along the dashboard below it in the mini center console and the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel. The infotainment display below the dashboard can retract when not needed, making for a clean look while providing ample leg space for both the driver and the front passenger. There’s also a panoramic glass roof above seats that lend to that spacious and roomy feeling.

Indeed all of the above is possible because this is an all-electric sedan, meaning that the motors which usually sit near the wheels along with battery, which usually sits below the floor, don’t come in the way of the passenger. This gives designs more space to play around with as opposed to a standard engine-driven powertrain that needs a gearbox to run between the cabin space with the front bonnet being completely taken up by the engine.

With India looking forward to a greener future and the government’s plans to go completely electric by 2030, electric cars and motorcycles were the spotlight at the recent Auto Expo 2018 held in India. Tata Motors already showcased plenty of electric vehicles back then in the form of an electric version of its compact sedan, the Tigor, an electric bus and even an electric version of its RaceMo sportscar. While the EVision is currently is concept only for now, there are good chances that we may see one hit production as India readies itself for an all-electric future for transportation. Indeed, all this should happen before Tesla arrives. The manufacturer of electric vehicles and clean energy products was recently in talks with the Indian government to reduce import duty, which means that we could hear from them about an official launch anytime soon.

Tata Motors EVision Concept. Tata Motors Twitter (Courtesy:FirstPost)

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