Source.One partners with Cargo Exchange 

Source.One partners with Cargo Exchange to strengthen its Supply Chain operations

Improve the efficiency of supply chain operations by reducing shipping uncertainty

Source.One, a cutting-edge commodity distribution platform, announced their partnership with Cargo Exchange, a real time cloud-based Transportation Exchange Platform, to improve the efficiency of their supply chain operations by lowering shipping uncertainty. Source.One is licensing Cargo Exchange’s platform and making it more suitable for a 3rd party logistics service provider.

The company has recognised the difficulties that buyers encounter, such as their inability to prepare for unloading and schedule labour owing to a lack of vehicle tracking. Tracking of shipments were required as they have almost millions worth of goods on the road at a given point in time. The partnership will help Source.One to improve productivity and enhance service quality for the buyers. This will also enable shipment tracking to be more accessible and exchange information with the buyers for better planning of labour, space and capital.

Arun Singhal, Founder & CEO, Source.One

Arun Singhal, Founder & CEO, Source.One, said, “Manufacturers are still facing challenges in procurement of their raw material by wasting hours, and stockists, in inventory liquidation. We are glad to collaborate with Cargo Exchange to Simplify Commodity Distribution in order to streamline the process. This partnership will simplify procurement for our customers and provide real time tracking and E-way Bills extension. This will help in identification of reliable transporters for urgent time-bound and challenging shipments”.

Jagdeesan Vijaykumar, Founder & COO, Cargo Exchange

Jagdeesan VijayKumar, Founder & COO, Cargo Exchange said, “This partnership is taking the company’s mission of simplifying Procurement, Placement, Position, PoD and Payment (Procure to Pay automation) with a digital freight exchange by providing price discovery, reduced shipment costs, optimized service levels, improved efficiency with intelligent automation, and 365-degree real-time visibility”

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