Siemens India chooses the Vertimag EF vertical lift module

Ferretto Group – Siemens India chooses the Vertimag EF vertical lift module

The Ferretto Group strengthens its presence in India and does so with an excellent job order. Siemens Ltd has chosen the Italian company’s innovative solutions for its Goa factory. Called to reorganize the storage and management of PCB components (printed circuits), what is now one of the world leaders in the sector of electronics has in fact selected the Vertimag EF vertical automatic storage system, a system that makes it possible, on the one hand, to reduce the size of the storage area, making the most of the available height, and on the other to optimize picking times and inventory management.

More specifically, two Vertimag EFs were installed side-by-side at the Siemens plant in Goa, equipped with a touch screen monitor pc with WMS designed by the Ferretto Group and integrated with the company ERP and Virtual Tray Division for better management of component positioning inside trays. To optimize space, the metallic vertical structure is provided with shelves which house 1 m deep trays where load units of different sizes and weights can be stored for customized stock management.


“What makes Vertimag EF the choice of many companies is precisely its functionality and its ability, thanks to the internal design of Ferretto Group, to respond to the different needs of our partners” states Miguel Fabra, CEO of Ferretto Group. “Siemens is a giant in the electronics industry and has a strong presence in India, an area in which we have been active since 2007. Thus, for us this collaboration is a new step towards internationalization, which has been our focus for a number of years now”.

With a tray surface area of ​​almost 150 square meters, the two Vertimag EFs by Ferretto Group installed at the Siemens plant in Goa consolidate the storage space and improve the way in which products are stored and managed, ensuring shorter picking times, improved traceability, optimization of the storage volumes, as well as guaranteeing a real reduction in errors and risks for the operators.

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