Self Storage India to launch first of four new NCR facilities

 Self Storage India to launch first of four new NCR facilities on 1st February 2021

Self Storage India will open the doors to its latest storage warehouse located on NH8 in the vicinity of Hero Honda Chowk in Gurugram

Self Storage India, India’s first self-storage company operating since 2013, is making a strong start in 2021 with a rollout plan which would see the launch of four new facilities within the National Capital Region before the end of the year. As a data and customer driven organization, the company interacted with customers and studied years of customer data to identify optimal locations for its expansion warehouses. The new warehouse is located directly on NH8 near Hero Honda Chowk. The facility offers smooth and easy access to customers from across Delhi and Gurgaon.

The new facility will be called ‘SelfStorage – Honda Chowk’ and will complement the company’s existing facility SelfStorage – Udyog Vihar, which has been operating at full capacity for the last several months. Phase one of the new facility will  offer 100 brand new, state of  the art, private storage rooms and will expand to 400 rooms over the course of the year. The strategically located storage facility will  allow the company to better serve its rapidly growing customer demand.

Dr. Manjali Khosla, Co-founder & CEO, Self Storage India

Dr. Manjali Khosla, Co-Founder and CEO, Self Storage India, said, “While demand has grown steadily over the last few years, the COVID-19 era seems to have acutely raised awareness about quality of living & working spaces, as a result, interest in our services exploded in Q2 2020. In response, we expanded our Self Storage – Udyog Vihar facility by 1.5x, the additional capacity was sold out within just 30 days of launch, leaving us with a long waiting list, which will partially be fulfilled with our new Honda Chowk facility online. Our operating plan for 2021 includes the launch of two additional expansions within the NCR region, effectively doubling our total capacity. At the end of 2021, we would have doubled capacity each year, for the last three consecutive years.”

Self Storage India now boasts of three massive self-storage warehouses in Delhi, NCR, two in Gurugram and one in Noida. Its 2021 plan envisions making 1000+ private storage rooms available to clients from all parts of NCR via five strategically located facilities – Gurugram (2 facilities), South East Delhi, North West Delhi.

The location of Self Storage – Honda Chowk is easily accessible to residents of Gurugram, Manesar, New Delhi and Faridabad. We focussed on finding a facility with direct frontage on NH8, based on interactions with our customers, a feature that cuts access time by 15-20 minutes as compared to a facility off the highway.

All Self Storage India warehouses are well-equipped to offer customers the security they seek when storing their goods. 24/7 CCTV surveillance, physical security guards patrolling around the clock, secure controlled access to the facility, regular cleaning regiments (particularly following COVID-19 outbreak), easy onboarding and move in process, insurance coverage, adequate lighting, pest control, assistant staff, etc. are all standard parts of the company’s service.

“After the shutdown in Q1 2020, it became evident that the pandemic was enforcing a change on people’s lifestyles, more time at home meant increased space requirements, particularly for home offices and for schooling for home, and heightened awareness about space utilization. We quickly realised that we could play a role in increasing people’s quality of life and wellbeing by helping them reorganize their living spaces to better suit their needs, reducing clutter and increasing available space. By the time the spike in customer demand began to register on our system we had already expanded our flagship facility Self Storage – Udyog Vihar by 50%. We are very hopeful that after this pandemic subsides, our customers will continue to enjoy the additional space they created in their living and work spaces,” added Dr. Manjali Khosla.

Customers around Delhi NCR who require self-storage services can head to Hero Honda Chowk and assess our warehouse. Self Storage India serves individuals and corporates alike and caters to all sizes of storage needs

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