Satellite Logistics Group wins Green Supply Chain Award 2014

2014 SDCE Green Supply Chain Award LogoOf the 200 nominees competing for recognition, Satellite Logistics Group (SLG) won the 2014 Green Supply Chain Award from the Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine. SLG is a leading supply chain solution provider for the beverage industry. The criteria that SLG follows in its operation put it right at the top amongst others which allows them to maximize the use of stainless steel kegs, a material which is 100 per cent recyclable, besides recovering the number of kegs in circulation to reduce cycle time yet still allowing distribution with fewer kegs. SLG also rated top among the competitors for its eco-friendly services to dispose of beverages that are past their sell-by date. The annual Green Supply Chain Award recognizes companies who work towards sustainable supply chain strategies in their own companies besides helping their customers too to achieve measurable sustainability goals.

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