“Resolve port pricing,” says Bevis, Sr. Dir, South Asia – The Maersk Group

Julian Michael BevisIt’s a giant with the gentle touch. The Maersk Group, the largest in India, does not like to leave out even a single opportunity to let its voice heard. The aim of the container shipping global giant’s presence at the 9th Southern Asia Ports, Logistics and Shipping 2014 event in Chennai, India hosted by Chennai Port Trust is to primarily raise concerns about port tariffs.

Julian Michael Bevis, Senior Director, Group Relations, South Asia – The Maersk Group, tells Sarada Vishnubhatla of ecargolog magazine that, “The conference provides a good opportunity to discuss with industry and government representatives about one of the main areas of concern which is port pricing and the role of the TAMP.” Indian shipping industry has tariff-setting as a major issue on its hands what with the unease created by the obvious disparity between the private terminals which are governed by their own guidelines and the government owned terminals facing tariff control. The new TAMP (Tariff Authority for Major Ports) guidelines, in a draft, focuses on efficiency standards but not complete deregulation of port tariff. The Maersk Group’s Bevis says, “The Group sees India as having a great potential for many of our  businesses and we will continue to track developments with interest.”

In August 2014 the new rate regime was announced which said that the TAMP will first notify a port-wise reference or ceiling rate for various commodities which will naturally be the highest existing rate based on the 2008 guidelines for handling a particular item at a port.

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