Prime Day 2016 at Amazon records sales high

Prime Day 2016 at Amazon, held on July 12, 2016, has recorded Amazon’s biggest e-com sales of up to 60 per cent across the globe. Unlike last year’s Prime Day – dubbed as ‘online garage sale’ by unhappy customers who could not reach out to best offers before they were sold out and the largely trashy nature of items on sale – this year the company has recorded happier consumers.

primary day

A range of devices offering discounts, including Kindle e-readers, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Echo speakers among others, hiked Amazon’s overall sales of the day which was helped by the fact that the best offers were spread out over the entire day for more people to reach out and take advantage.

According to the reports, Amazon’s Prime Day sold more than two million toys and more than a million pairs of shoes. Almost a lakh of TVs were sold too. But the hottest item proved to be Fire TV.

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