LogiNext Launches AI Powered Financial Module

LogiNext Launches AI Powered Financial Module to Drive Automation of Finance in Logistics Industry

  • Enterprises can now automate their payouts with LogiNext’s AI enabled payment system to achieve timely deliveries in a cost effective way
  • The new feature will allow enterprises to make the right choice for their shipments and focus on customer experience and loyalty with smoother deliveries

Mumbai, LogiNext, an industry-leading logistics automation firm, today introduced an AI-enabled payment module. The launch of this feature is focused towards offering convenience to the enterprises in making better decisions while choosing their carrier partners for smoother and cost-efficient deliveries. The new feature is aimed ultimately at creating a revenue model that is suitable for everyone in the logistics chain using a smarter costing strategy with the power of automation.

The platform offers the facility to compare charges of various carriers and drivers at a single place so that enterprises make an informed choice on picking the best one from the lot. With the help of AI enabled and automated rate charts, LogiNext eliminates the manual intervention required for making such decisions. It also prioritizes various essential factors such as product specifications, distance of delivery, discounts, reattempts made and more.

LogiNext’s payment module is a whole new feature in the platform that entirely focuses on offering the most suitable ways of delivery to create a better customer experience. The feature-rich payment module is designed to offer convenience in multiple ways including:

  • Offering smart AI based pricing and costing with end-to-end visibility of various costs included.
  • Providing the facility to capture digital payments and offer convenience to the end customers.
  • Introducing incentive driven financial models for drivers to keep them motivated and reward them for good performance.
  • Scaling revenue with smarter decisions with faster and smarter choice from numerous options available.
  • Streamlining End-to-End Operations right from choosing the suitable carrier to collecting digital payments.

All the listed parameters ultimately result in offering convenience as the drivers can make the most of digital payments along with faster reconciliation for CoD orders. By introducing this feature, the drivers are much more motivated to work for various incentives that the system easily allows to configure.

Dhaval Thanki, Vice President – APAC & MEA, LogiNext

“LogiNext’s payment module can help enterprises in eliminating the confusion of picking the most cost-efficient carrier from all the options available. LogiNext has decoded the subtle way of bringing various costs included in shipping at one place. The ability to automatically calculate shipping charges and allow drivers to conveniently collect digital payments from customers can be a major contributor towards faster revenue growth and customer loyalty.” said Dhaval Thanki, Vice President – APAC & MEA, LogiNext.

By introducing a feature-rich payment module including digital transactions and faster reconciliation for CoD orders, LogiNext aims to contribute in creating a safer and satisfactory customer experience for all the enterprises.

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