KSH Distripark launches Pune’s first Domestic Container Storage Facility

KSH Distripark launches Pune’s first Domestic Container Storage Facility and introduces Container Leasing Solution for on-demand cargo storage

KSH Distriparks is the first company to bring this facility to the city and offer value-added services that will allow cargo storage for short and medium term, enhancing service efficiency and cost benefits

Pune, KSH Distriparks launches Pune’s first Domestic Container Storage Facility – the first-of-its-kind facility for ICD customers in the city. KSH Distriparks is Pune’s leading logistics service provider for best-in-class container logistics solutions for a seamless transportation network, buffer yard solutions, ocean imports, bonded warehouse facilities, and DPD transportation services.

The new cargo storage facility is built at their SOC 40`HQ in Pune and has introduced a unique value-added service – Container Leasing Solution. This leasing solution will allow customers to store cargo on demand and eliminate the necessity to block warehouses on annual rates. The container leasing solution allows booking space for short and medium-term requirements, minimizing multiple handling of goods and ensuring the safety and security of the stored items.

KSH Distriparks’ domestic container storage facility is a cost-effective alternative for businesses dealing with bulk cargo. It provides optimal space utilization and secure cargo transportation up to the point of customs clearance. Exporters and manufacturers can profit exponentially from this service, especially during month-end inventory spikes. One of the primary benefits of keeping cargo in these SOC (Shipper Owned Container) is a decrease in import cargo detention charges. Moving cargo from shipping lines containers to domestic boxes reduces the need for businesses to pay high detention costs, resulting in cost savings. The flexibility of domestic containers enables seamless movement and storage in any location, catering to customers’ specific requirements.

This is also beneficial for businesses that face space constraints in their plants and need temporary storage solutions. Plant space optimization enhances scalability options for businesses as per need.

Malcolm D’Souza, Chief Commercial Officer at KSH Distriparks

Speaking at the launch of their Domestic Container Storage Facility, Mr. Malcolm D’Souza, Chief Commercial Officer at KSH Distriparks, said, “We are thrilled to bring the domestic container storage facility to Pune. The Container Leasing Solution is a revolutionary business model that will not only enhance service efficiency for ICD customers but also help them take up container space on demand and increase cost benefits. With our best-in-class facility and customer-centric approach, we are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that drive success for our customers.”

In addition to storage, KSH Distriparks SOC containers can be used for efficient cargo transportation. Containerizing cargo, whether for domestic transport, interplant transfers, or movement inside consol/de-consol points, considerably decreases damages and minimizes multiple handling during transit, assuring the secure delivery of products.

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