Karnataka takes the lead in renewable energy

When it comes to the production of renewable energy, Karnataka has now outpaced even Tamil Nadu to claim the top spot with an installed capacity of 12.3 GW, which is much more than what European countries like Netherlands and Denmark produce. This includes 5 GW of solar energy, 4.7 GW of wind energy, and approximately 2.6 GW of hydro, biomass, and heat and power co-generation. Back in 2013, however, Karnataka had a coal power capacity of 6.8 GW, which was much higher than its clean energy capacity of just 4 GW. As of now, Karnataka has a coal power capacity of around 9.8 GW. Karnataka, which was facing a huge power crunch due to the state’s growing demand for electricity, had to shift to renewable energy instead of coal-based power.

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According to a study by US-based think-tank Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA), released on July 24, this move resulted in a massive push in Karnataka to change its electricity mix. The report states that solar tenders in Karnataka have seen record low bids of Rs 2.82-3.06 per unit in recent times, which is below the average Rs 3-5 for domestic thermal power tariffs and the Rs 4-6 tariffs required for imported coal-fired power. The Karnataka government has also decided to implement multiple policies that would encourage setting up more solar parks as well try out new technologies and also create awareness among farmers about trying out renewable energy generation.

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