IPM India introduces Electric Vehicles

IPM India introduces Electric Vehicles to optimize Sustainable Logistics Network

The first and a significant start in the journey of sustainable logistics: EVs to save more than 13 tonnes of CO2

NEW DELHI,IPM India Wholesale Trading Private Limited (IPM India), a country affiliate of Philip Morris International, Inc. (PMI) adds electric vehicles (EVs) to its logistics fleet for optimisation of sustainable logistics network

Introduced in Delhi-NCR and Mumbai, these vehicles will save more than 13 tonnes of CO2. In line with the organisation’s long-term sustainability goals and the core objective of reducing carbon emissions – the deployment of the EVs is the first and a significant start in the journey of sustainable logistics. Each EV has the capacity to carry weight up to 1000 kgs and can easily cover a distance of 100 kilometers on a single charge.

Alexander Reisch, Managing Director, IPM India,

Commenting on the occasion, Alexander Reisch, Managing Director, IPM India, said, “We are excited to announce the addition of EVs to our logistics fleet in India. For IPM India, sustainability is more than just a means to minimize negative externalities and mitigate risks while maximizing operational efficiency and resource optimization. As an organisation, we see sustainability as a fundamental opportunity for innovation, growth, and purpose-led, impact-driven, long-term value creation. Accordingly, we work hard to integrate sustainability into every aspect of our business and activities. Electric vehicles are revolutionising the world of road transport. The adoption of EVs aligns with our core values. With each new carbon-neutral initiative, we move a step closer to realizing our goal—to transition toward a carbon-neutral model.”

Sharad Aggarwal, CEO, Godfrey Phillips India (GPI)

Sharad Aggarwal, CEO, Godfrey Phillips India (GPI), said, “We take immense pride in facilitating the introduction of electric vehicles (EVs) into IPM India’s logistics fleet and enhance our commitment to sustainability. At Godfrey Philips India (GPI), responsible and sustainable business has always taken precedence and extends far beyond the realms of risk mitigation. This complements the ongoing initiative of using 350+ electric scooters for last mile product deliveries by our dedicated salesmen across diverse geographies. Our progressive stride towards carbon neutrality, we bring ourselves closer to the realization of our ultimate vision—an epochal shift towards a carbon-neutral paradigm. And with IPM India as our esteemed partner, we are confident that our sustainability efforts will gain even greater strength.”

Aligned with the government’s focus on accelerating EV adoption in India and sustainable logistics, IPM India aims to create a sustainable logistics network and support India’s journey towards achieving a carbon-neutral environment. The organization plans to expand its EV fleet across key cities in India.

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