Intangles Lab Files Patent for ML Solution for Fuel Pilferage

Intangles Lab Files Patent for Machine Learning Solution for Fuel Pilferage

Intangles Lab, a leading digital twin solutions provider, announced today that it has filed a patent with the Indian Patent Office for Methods and Systems for Sub-Resolution Measurements in Fuel Tanks, a digital twin algorithm developed with extensive global research and testing. The patent covers the machine learning technology in Intangles’ fuel pilferage monitoring system that pinpoints the exact locations and quantities of fuel pilferage, as well as underfillings and refills at unauthorised locations. At a time when fuel prices are at an all-time high, fuel pilferage in the form of underfilling and overbilling has become a grave concern for companies. Intangles’ devices are detecting and reporting over 35,000 litres of fuel pilferage, worth close to INR 30 Lakhs every month, thus empowering fleet managers and automobile OEMs to make decisions based on accurate real-time data on all such malpractices.

Anup Patil, CEO & C0-Founder – Intangles

Patent filed for machine learning technology in Intangles’ fuel pilferage monitoring system

The algorithm provides a cost-effective solution for fuel pilferage, which has long led to financial losses for commercial vehicle fleet companies not just in India, but across the globe. Typically, in-built sensors in the fuel tank of commercial vehicles are unable to provide granular and accurate data about fuel levels, leading to undetected fuel pilferage. Distinct from contemporary market solutions that require expensive and tedious hardware installations to replace or augment these in-built sensors, Intangles’ solution is designed to work with the indigenous sensors and amplify their resolutions.

Intangles’ algorithm leverages the reliability of the OEM fitted sensors while using machine learning to match and improve upon the data accuracy of other hardware-based solutions. With this proprietary technology, Intangles’ systems can distinguish between fuel sloshing and actual pilferage with a precision upwards of 99%.

“We are empowering fleet managers and automobile companies to make effective business decisions,” said Anup Patil, CEO and Co-Founder at Intangles, adding, “Our technology enables greater data accuracy and reliability without having to install after-market or additional sensors, many of which can be very expensive and damaging to the fuel tank. Our machine learning models enable the highest levels of precision with the sensors inherently integrated with your vehicle.”

Intangles’ digital twin platform also provides solutions such as operations automation and predictive vehicle health monitoring for fleet and automobile companies. It will continue to lead innovation in Digital Twin technology, powered by machine learning models and data-driven strategies. Intangles was listed as one of the major players in the global vehicle health monitoring market in a report by Global Market Insights Inc. in March 2021.

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