Hyundai to use Creta platform for electric SUV

It is now confirmed that South Korean automotive OEM Hyundai plans to roll out electric vehicles from its plant in India. “An electric SUV is among the eight products planned to be launched here between this year and 2020. It is expected in the second half of 2019. Initially, we will import it as a completely knocked down unit,” HMIL Managing Director and CEO Y K Koo told news agency PTI.

creta 1

Going forward, depending on the market response and government support for electric vehicles, the company plans to produce EVs from its Chennai plant in the long term. HMIL will launch the electric SUV in 15 cities in India, Koo said, adding “pricing and target volume are still being finalised.” Reiterating that Hyundai has identified EV as the key technology for the future in India, he said the company is not looking at bringing hybrid vehicles in the country. “Our focus for new technology is on EVs but we need government support to make it adopted on a mass scale,” he said

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