Gati Drivers Training Institute Inaugurated by Honourable Vice President – M Venkaiah Naidu

Over the last several years, many key trends have been reshaping the domestic logistics sector. By far, introduction of GST tax reforms earlier this year will have the most far-reaching ramification in terms of growth of organized logistics in India.

M Venkaiah Naidu and Gati Founder CEO, Mahendra Agarwal Inaugurating Gati Drivers Training Institute (PRNewsfoto/Gati Limited)

M Venkaiah Naidu and Gati Founder CEO, Mahendra Agarwal Inaugurating Gati Drivers Training Institute (PRNewsfoto/Gati Limited)

Truck drivers are the most critical component of the logistics engine and their livelihood, skilfulness and safety have always been a top priority for Gati since its inception in 1989. To deepen its commitment, Gati has now partnered with Swarna Bharat Trust to open a state-of-the-art Drivers Training Institute at the trust’s Shamshabad location close to Hyderabad. The facility was inaugurated by our Honourable Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on 26th October, 2017.

Mr. Naidu said – “Top most priority of the central and state governments should be skill development. I am happy to inaugurate the skill development course in heavy vehicle driving on simulator training with Gati.”

Mr. Mahendra Agarwal, Founder & CEO, Gati stated that, “Our vision, through the Gati Drivers Training Institute and other initiatives, is to fill the skill gap of trained drivers by promoting best driving practices, increasing road safety, and reducing accidents. Our objective is to provide periodic refresher courses to long-haul and in-city drivers through opening of such facilities across India.”

Road sector accounts for close to 60% of total freight movement within India and these are close to 8.7 million Light, Medium and Heavy commercial vehicles, which move around the country. In addition, industry statistics suggest that about 300,000 medium and heavy vehicles get added every year, which need truck drivers who are trained to handle newer sophistications in the truck technology. As per government estimates the number of drivers available for every 1000 trucks has been steadily coming down, with the current number being 780 drivers per thousand trucks. This number is further expected to go down in the coming years.

Another facet of driver training is focus on safe driving practices. India has one of the highest numbers of fatalities in road accidents with around 150,000 deaths and another 500,000 injured in 2016. Around one-fourth of such accidents involve trucks and related vehicles. Of grave concern is that these statistics are increasing every year.

The Gati Drivers Training Institute, through its state-of-the-art heavy motor driving simulator and highly trained staff aims to bridge the skill gap for truck drivers in the country. There is empirical proof that proper training can result in more fuel saving, lower operating cost, fewer accidents and a happy workforce which can be an asset to the organization. Gati is in the process of opening more Drivers Training Institutes at strategic locations across India in the near future.

Gati, a leader in logistics and supply chain solutions, focuses on many other critical CSR activities around the year with major contribution to education, community development, environmental issues, rural development projects, fund raising, and natural disaster management. The current initiative is to create a better environment, improve benefits and overall establish reverence for the truck driving profession.

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