Gangavaram Port Celebrated World Ocean Day

Spreads awareness of Plastic Usage reduction, and undertakes tree plantation & cleaning the beach

Gangavaram Port, the deepest and the most modern port in the country conducted environment awareness programs on the occasion of World Environment Day & World Ocean Day, for its employees and neighbouring communities. The focus of the campaign was to spread awareness in the area regarding the reduction of plastic usage reduction and sensitize the people about air, water & soil conservation. Gangavaram Port conducted beach cleaning activities near Yarada Hills, near the port. Tree plantation activities were undertaken in various areas to increase the green cover around the port.

The theme for this year’s celebration of World Environment Day is ‘Only One Earth.’ Which has been celebrated across the world, dedicated to the environment, and celebrated to spread awareness among common people about the issues of the environment, Gangavaram Port conducted a ‘Green Rally’, and also joined the Green Rally Organized by APPCB at RK Beach.

Gangavaram Port Management said, “We are committed to environmental protection and sustainability. We have undertaken several initiatives to preserve the environment enhance the green belt and clean the beaches. World Environment Day & World Ocean Day, remind us of the fragile marine ecosystem and the urgent need to take corrective measures to safeguard our planet.”

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