From Pony to Unicorn, a book for budding entrepreneurs by two startup mentors

India’s two most accomplished personalities in the start-up arena, Sanjeev Aggarwal and Hari T.N. unveiled “From Pony to Unicorn”, a book co-authored by them in a virtual event organised by Asia’s largest business learning and experts networking platform, SpeakIn. Published by Penguin Randomhouse India, the book is motivational and insightful for young and aspiring entrepreneurs. From Pony to Unicorn lucidly describes the X-to-10X journey that every start-up aspiring to become a unicorn.

Sanjeev Aggarwal
T N Hari

The two authors have put all the experience that they have in dealing with the Startups in the book, and thus the book narrates the fundamental principles behind scaling. Agarwal is a life cycle investor, and has seen the entire start-finish spectrum of the start-ups with ambiguities of the early years to the structural challenges of the growth years. Hari is an angel investor, adviser and sounding board to numerous young entrepreneurs as well as start-ups. Hari has co-authored four books before this, the last being saying No to Jugaad: The Making of Big Basket.

Full of illustrative examples, insights and practical solutions, the book is a comprehensive treatise on scaling start-ups. Instead of sharing lame advice, the authors’ preferred to share with the readers their own personal experiences and proven formulae. While commenting on their penned experience, the author duo said, “From Pony to Unicorn is a commentary on start-ups that went on to attain the ‘unicorn’ status and became public-listed companies. Far from mere theories and fantasies, the book speaks volumes about real happenings and incidents. Also, we tried best to make From Pony to Unicorn an interesting read. We hope the book will be useful to entrepreneurs, leaders and investors involved in scaling start-ups.”

The book is available on Amazon.


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