ECU Worldwide adds Newark, New Jersey

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ECU Worldwide adds Newark, New Jersey as the newest Inland CFS destination on the XLERATE map

Offers fastest port to port transit time of 16 days from Shanghai to Newark

After receiving an incredible response to its new XLERATE express LCL service from Shanghai via Los Angeles to 8 Inland USS, ECU Worldwide, the global leader in LCL consolidation, has added Newark, New Jersey as the newest inland CFS destination to the XLERATE map owing to the high volume of customer requests for this new express Shanghai CFS-CFS LCL service.

XLERATE will now offer express IPI services from Los Angeles to Newark and in additional to the original 8 Inland CFS locations in the US.   Xlerate combines Speed, Reliability and Schedule Integrity in mind, ECU Worldwide has combined industry leaders in Ocean with Matson Navigation and leaders in domestic Line Haul to form a unique express LCL service from Shanghai to key inland CFS locations in the US.

ECU Worldwide has partnered with Matson Navigation on their CLX service to offer CY / CY 10 days on the Shanghai to Los Angeles route with total transit time thru to Newark from Shanghai of 16 days, the fastest LCL transit time in the market.  Matson’s vessels would arrive at Los Angeles on a Sunday and express container devanning on Monday morning with same day express IPI departure that same Monday evening..

Customers are no longer are required to clear US Customs in Los Angeles but are able to clear US Customs at final destination CFS . Through XLERATE, ECU Worldwide now offers fixed day inland CFS arrival schedules to 9 designated locations in mainland US and a simplified per kilo rate. The rate is all-inclusive from the origin port to pick up from the final destination CFS in the US.

Being among the top logistics industry players and the global leader in LCL consolidation, we take pride in expanding our inland CFS route to Newark, New Jersey. Within a few weeks of launching XLERATE, through our decision to add Newark to our existing service offerings, we have reiterated our commitment to provide customers with a unique and unmatched express LCL service for their cargo needs. With various features like fixed day arrival, reduced CY time, amongst others, we’re allowing customers to control their last-mile deliveries. Similarly, with our simplified and industry best rate format, we aim to provide a seamless cargo transportation experience to our customers”, stated Tim Tudor, Chief Executive Officer, ECU Worldwide.

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