cargo-partner expands its footprint

International Logistics company cargo-partner expands its footprint in Western India

cargo-partner, a global integrated logistics service provider, is on pursuing an expansion course in India. In line with its commitment to keep strengthening its network in India and be where customers need us to be, cargo-partner is growing its team in existing locations and expanding across India.

Having recently opened its offices in Vadodara and then in Indore in the last quarter of 2021, cargo-partner has now invested in a new office in Pune, where cargo-partner is hiring and introducing new products for a more integrated supply chain offering to its customers in the market.

Rajesh Mallah, Regional Head of West – Cargo Partner

This takes cargo-partner’s total network strength to a total 14 offices across India. While cargo-partner has now been present for over 15 years in the Indian market, the management believes that today’s logistics landscape requires a more de-centralized approach as the cargo-partner needs to be where customers need the company to be. “We take it personally. We intend to move closer to our customers and become faster in implementing our solutions. This is all the more important in these challenging times with freight rates continuously rising and space in carriers coming at a premium.” says  Regional Head of West – Mr. Rajesh Mallah.

cargo-partner has dedicated a budget of more than a million EUR specifically to invest and grow its presence in the Indian market. A sizeable share will be invested in creating new jobs and further developing the teams. cargo-partner plans to grow its workforce by an additional 50%, inviting skilled talent that wants to form part of the tech-driven vision. cargo-partner’s expansion plans are driven by the management’s confidence in providing excellent service to both existing and new customers whose demand is constantly growing.

In line with the company’s vision on digitalization and being future ready for catering to our customer’s needs, cargo-partner is currently in transition to revamp and upgrade its systems across operations, sales and human resources.

Headquartered in Austria, cargo-partner has emerged as one of the world’s most renowned logistics companies and in a relatively short period has built an extensive network globally with more than 140 offices in over 40 countries. Currently, cargo-partner is operational in 14 Indian offices with a presence in all major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, etc. cargo-partner with around 4 decades of experience in specialized warehousing services has been at the forefront of delivering customized solutions to its clients across sectors. Adopting an integrated and holistic approach to its expansion goals, cargo-partner is also optimistic about creating a true impact across the entire supply chain.

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