AIMTC met Transport Minister, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

Team AIMTC met Shri Govind Singh Rajput, Hon’ble Transport Minister, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh

Shri S.K. Jha , IAS, Transport Commissioner, Government of Madhya Shri Arvind Saxena , IAS , Additional Transport Commissioner and senior officials at the Minister’s official residence in Bhopal at late hours on July 15, 2023 at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Gave an ultimatum to take a strong decision on in case no positive outcome is forthcoming on abolishing of the border posts by 15th August.

The top leadership of AIMTC and senior leaders of affiliated associations in Madhya Pradesh met Shri Govind Singh Rajput, Hon’ble Transport Minister of Madhya Pradesh, along with Shri S.K. Jha, IAS, Transport Commissioner, and Shri Arvind Saxena, IAS, Additional Transport Commissioner, in a late-hour meeting at Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

During the meeting, team discussed the issue of illegal border posts and highlighted the incidents of forced extortion, harassment, and exploitation faced by transport brethren. Also brought to their attention the meeting held under his chairmanship in Bhopal on December 15, 2022, where a committee was formed, chaired by Shri Arvind Saxena, IAS, Additional Transport Commissioner of Madhya Pradesh, to assess the situation and submit a report on the necessary measures to be taken for abolishment of the border checkposts. The committee was expected to submit its report within three months, and the term of this committee ended on March 3, 2023. However, there was a delay in submitting the report.

On June 7, 2023, a detailed discussion took place in Gwalior with Mr. S.K. Jha, IAS, regarding the report’s observations on abolishing border posts in the state. He had informed us that the report would be presented to the Principal Secretary on June 8, 2023. Furthermore, he assured us that within a month, they would hold a meeting with Shri Govind Singh Rajput, Hon’ble Transport Minister, to discuss the abolishment of border posts in the state.

During the meeting it transpired that the Transport Department has submitted a positive report to the government, expressing their support in principle for abolishing the border posts. The Minister mentioned that the decision-making process would take approximately two months, as it requires recommendations from the Finance and Legal Departments. Afterward, the Hon’ble Chief Minister will make a decision based on those recommendations. AIMTC expressed their concerns to the Minister about the growing frustration within the transport community due to the delay in decision-making.  Without any concrete response, unable to pacify discontentment and angst.  Hence, urged the Minister to make a decision to abolish the border posts in the state by August 15, 2023.  Also emphasized that failure to do,  so would compel the transport community to take a strong decision on August 16, 2023

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